Sunday, January 30, 2011

Critique: Spring Preview and Last Weeks Vox

This week I spent a lot of time working on my design for Spring Preview. I wanted to be sure to think outside of the box this week and come up with a concept that wasn't spring related. After a lot of thinking I chose to do a circus theme. In the end I like my concept a lot. It isn't spring related, and I thought it was fun.

My biggest challenge with the design was trying to decide how I wanted to present and organize all of the information. It was difficult because there was a lot of text to work with and not a lot of space. It was especially difficult because I needed to place pictures on the spread also to highlight some of the events.

On top of the space limitations I also had a hard time trying to figure out the best way to carry out my theme. With my splash page I wanted to try and make it look like an old-school carnival poster. I chose a font that reminded me of the circus and I made the background red and beige like a circus big top would be. On the cover I chose to do an illustration of an actual big top. Within my feature spread I used the same colors and fonts to carry my idea throughout and added a ticket stub underneath the month to add to my concept.

Last week's Vox feature had a lot of good design elements. In my Response post I talk about what we learned in lab that will help us design better in the future. I think the feature spread had good use of illustration with a purpose, and also had the perfect amount of pictures to visually tell the story. I learned a few tips to help me design later in the semester, and tips that will improve my abilities as a designer. 


  1. That's a really great concept!..And I love the tone of your design the vintage feeling, reminds me of my childhood..The colors match each other and are carried through the whole design. LOVE it!

  2. I really like the theme you chose. For some reason, circus gives of a youthful, spring type of feeling. I like the cover, as it's simple yet very professional looking. You chose some colors with interesting tones that aren't what I consider to be typical circus colors. think that you organized the information for the feature really nicely. The spread is well-designed and not too busy with decorative elements. Also, you picked the perfect novelty font for you theme.

  3. Beautiful, spot-on type choice. One thing I might consider if you revise is cleaning up the cover illustration. The distress looks a bit like it has been live traced in Illustrator and then left alone. The distressed/rough look could work with the theme, but it feels a little incongruous with with sharp, clean splash page.

    Great job with your concept. Your design felt unexpected and fun!

  4. I know when you were working on your designs for the spring preview, you were worried whether or not it looked like the circus concept you were going for, and I think you definitely pulled off that theme. I love the font you chose. I think you did a nice job of pulling out some of the bigger events in your spread in a creative way with the larger photos and the pullout box.