Sunday, January 30, 2011

Response: Critiquing for Baby Beauty Pageant

Last Thursday in lab we went around the room and talked about what worked and didn't work with our designs. After talking with my peers I think I have a better understanding about what design elements help tell the story better.

When I first read the Baby Beauty Pageant story I missed the mark on that the whole story was about the father. I focused mainly on the daughter and her life in pageants instead of the dad's involvement in pageants. After critique I saw that many of us struggled with the same problem. I want to be sure to have a stronger reading of my stories so I can have content-driven design.

On top of critiquing the concept of our designs we also talked about technical aspects of designing covers. Erica gave us some feedback from her portfolio critique that she recently had. She told us to try and find a color palette and stick with it. Usually the palette with be complementary colors and play off the photograph. She also told us to pick a cover photo that isn't too busy, and one that will stick out. As far as typography is concerned we should pick a type that works with the photo and not to use more than three typefaces on the cover. Her advice will definitely help me when it comes time for my cover group to compete in a few weeks.

Here is the winning cover design. It encompasses what we talked about in lab.

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  1. I think for me, the critique helped me remember how to design for magazines. I've been designing newspapers for quite some time now, and it's been a year since I was in mag design. It's interesting to see how different people view critiques.