Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Can't Miss: Calendar Designs

I'm one of those people that is obsessed with calendars. I get excited when the new ones start to hit the shelves, and it's always takes a lot of time for me to finally find the perfect calendar (I still haven't found on yet, hopefully by mid-February I'll have one). So my obsession with calendars has led to me to want to share with you a few cool ones that I've found after pursuing and various other sites for some great calendar designs.  Enjoy!

I found this one Willow Tree Crafts  

I found this one on Swiss Miss.

I also looked at a few letterpress calendars on etsy. I found this from the designer OldSchoolStationers. 

From my design blog I saw a post that talked about Wired's Magazine Covers. It was super interesting to read especially because we just had a discussion about covers in lab on Thursday. Wired is super simplistic when it comes to their mag covers. They embellish a bit in the metallicy inks on the front, but overall there isn't a whole lot of art, just a few illustrations and some text. Wired does a great job pulling off what they want to accomplish in their covers, and knowing who their reader is and what they want.


  1. Okay, so I am such a freak about calendars, and these are SO cool. I love the first one (the desk calendar). I think it has a really cool design. Also, I loved the article about WIRED covers. I love WIRED and think they are always coming up with innovative new ideas.

  2. I like how the calendar from Swiss Miss treats the month titles. Each month has a funny saying which livens up the calendar. It's neat to see a calendar design work so well when it's made up of nothing but typography.