Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Critique: Dirty Jobs and Prototype

Last week I spent some time working on my second draft for the dirty jobs cover. When I was asked to work on my illustration for the cover I decided to make a cover that made a statement by making such a stark contrast with the white background and messy foreground. Kaylee helped me with this cover by taking photos for me because she has a great camera that can take high-resolution photos.

For the boot cover I took my black rain boots and went out in my yard and found some spots that had been walked over and muddied after the snow and just started going crazy in it. I did this the night before because I wanted to get that dried, caked-on look all over the boots. After we took the photos I noticed that the I used picture wasn’t as crisp as I had hoped for it to be. It is a bit blurry in the front of the boot, which is unfortunate. I do have other photos though that I can choose from to put on the cover because I want to use this as a portfolio piece. 

The raw meat was challenge for me. It wasn’t as juicy as I wanted it to be. I tried to squeeze some blood out, but it didn’t work. Instead I pulled off some bits and placed them in front of the t-bone steak. This shot is just straight meat, but after Kaylee took some photos of the meat I decided to add food coloring to make it look more red and bloody. Those looked good initially, but after reviewing the photos I decided it looked too fake. In the end I think I’m going to work on both and put them in my portfolio.

For the prototype I decided after the critique in class to drastically change my department page. I think it turned out a lot better and fit the tone of the magazine better. I decided to keep the people in the feature. It is important for all of us to incorporate people in our publications because that is how we are going to connect to our readers. I know whoever is chosen as creative director for my group will do a great job leading us. I feel like our group all has a similar vision for the magazine and it will be easy to work with everyone.


  1. I love the boots cover, it turned out really good! You executed the idea really well. The second draft of your department is very appealing. Your font choice works well, and the colors are all tied in nicely. I really like your treatment to the department title and how you organized the content. Great job!

  2. I have to say, I really love what you did with your cover designs. I think the rawness of them (no pun intended) makes them truly cover worthy – the stark white background works really well here. I think what the editors seemed to want in addition, however, is maybe more context to the story, and a way to include more than the expected jobs featured in the story. Maybe this could have been done just by adding other pairs of shoes from other, more unexpected dirty jobs to the photo? Regardless, these really turned out great.