Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Critique: Nosh Prototype

This week I spent a lot of time working on my prototype. I presented my work in class and I got a lot of good feedback from the class. One thing everyone didn't like, and I, myself, also didn't like was my department page. Department pages have always been my least favorite thing to conceptualize and design. I think I mostly have trouble when it comes to trying to make things look inspired and new, but still maintain a grid and hierarchy. Usually the end result is a mess.  I think I'm going to start with all a completely different layout and try to make this page cleaner and less crazy.

I like my cover choices for this magazine. I need to make my sell lines pop more, and I need to choose a different font choice for them. Also I want to take my logo one step further. I'll try experimenting with different ways to make my letter interact that is content-driven. I got mixed reviews about the icons, and most people thought it looked too old for my demographic. I think I might make a solid black stroke instead of the oxford line that is on the right cover now. I might also take a totally different approach; I haven't decided, but I do want to keep some sort of icon that can be used every month. The feel like the picture choice on the right is the right type of photo, but maybe the color scheme doesn't match my color palette. I'm going to try working with different pictures to see how the feeling changes. I want my entire magazine to feel like the same publication all the way through, and some people mentioned that my feature was nice, but it felt out of place with the cover.

 My feature is about four people with different lifestyles. The people are going to be profiled and then each of them will have a personalized snacking guide that goes with there profile. I decided to mostly focus on the people in my spread, instead of the food because the people are the big part of the story. When comparing the right cover with the feature spread I can tell right away that there is a disconnect. I think choosing a different photo for the cover might help that. I would also like to have a better photo of a guy for this feature. This would help pull everything together.

Overall, I think after I spend some time working on the prototype this weekend that it will all come together. I'd appreciate more feedback on this project! Thanks.


  1. Great job with your covers! I'm excited for us to get started on the project. I think it's interesting that 3/4 of us decided to use lowercase fonts for our covers—we must have gotten similar vibes from the original outlines. You had a unique approach for your features that could definitely work well. Can't wait to get started :)

  2. Your idea to use larger images of people on your feature pages was fantastic. I know Jan said in class today that the publishing team really liked it as well. Being a snack magazine, it would have been easy to focus on the food. I think far too often food magazines fill their pages with static food on a plate that can get very tired after a while. Your people really added some life (literally) to the pages.

  3. I was a huge fan of your revised department page. It had a excellent balance and flow. I also really like that you considered our ability to put additional content online — thinking across platforms like that will (hopefully!) be what helps us get jobs in the near future.

  4. I really loved your feature spreads. It was such a great idea to put actual people in them because it gave a personal tone to your concept. I love that you made the people large and played with white space because it gave an awesome clean and modern feel to your design. I hope you kept the peeps in the final draft!