Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Response: The September Issue

I loved this movie. It was so great to see how an editor and creative director interact when planning an issue. I was surprised to see how much both of them work together when making decisions for the magazine. In the movie, everyone knew that Anna was the final say for the magazine for basically all choices. I always thought that when it came to the visuals that the creative director always took charge and had final say, but in this movie it wasn’t like that at all. Anna was the one who did the picking and choosing for The September Issue.

It was very interesting to see Anna and Grace interact. Anna would pick apart the many things Grace did and would turn down a lot of Grace’s clothing choices and studio shoot ideas, but Anna would still praise Grace’s brilliance. Anna felt that there was no one better than Grace for the job, but it was so funny to watch her cut spreads that Grace spent so much time and effort putting together. However, in the end, Grace would get her final say when it came to the color blocking spread and the retouching of the camera guy’s stomach. 

Watching Grace prepare for the ’20s feature was so fun. She did so much research for it and wanted to get every aspect of the feature just right. I thought it was so great to see how a creative director art directs a photo shoot. The creative director has the ability to call-it-a-day when he or she thinks they have gotten the perfect shot for the spread or cover. The photographer doesn’t get to call all the shots, which is great to know

This movie really takes the average person inside the pages of a big magazine. I’m so glad we got to see this film as a class.

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  1. It seemed to me that Anna spent a lot of time toning Grace down. Grace was very creative and a little too out there for Anna most of the time. It was interesting to see that interaction.