Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Can't Miss: Convertible Furniture

While I was stumbling again today I found some sweet convertible couches in assorted colors. These couches start out as a regular looking couch, but can turn into bunk beds of all different styles.

I wonder if these are as comfortable as they are inspiring and cool?

This week on my blog designing magazines I found an old post about covers and logos for magazines. This post is written as a lecture to students to supplement the book that accompanies the blog. I thought the post would be helpful to a lot of us because we will be designing our prototypes soon and might need some more pointers. This post built on my knowledge that I learned in Magazine Design.

Some quick pointers:
Try and stick with a sans-serif font. Without the details of a serif it makes it easier to read because there are no competing or added details to the nameplate.

Use value contrast on the cover. It's more readable.

Create a hierarchy with the sell lines.

Always stick to the mission and personality of the magazine when choosing cover photos.

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