Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Critique: Lala

This week I've been working on the feature spread about a man who goes to MU that cross dresses as a woman. Unfortunately, it's looking like the story might not go to press as of now because Lamont, also known as Lala, doesn't want the story to run anymore. So because of all this madness, the text is still in development and no photos have been taken. I've just been working with the typography.

I decided to take it over-the-top feminine because the writer says it's like he puts on a character when he goes by Lala. He says that he doesn't ever want a sex change and he doesn't consider himself a female, but he loves cross dressing. With my type I went very feminine. I added illustrations under the dek for two reasons. One, there are no pictures on the spread so it looks super plain. Two, it shows the battling differences that Lala goes though. That is also why I made the first column back-to-back with the text and dek.

I will probably tweak it more before tomorrow, but this is the main concept. It's been hard designing without text and pictures because I don't know how good the pictures will be and how much room for text is needed either.

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