Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Critique: Nosh

This week I did a lot of work for Nosh. The first drafts our group did was a work-in-progress. We had to find the best way to display our recipes, titles and deks. We have found a way to make everything cohesive and I think our magazine is coming along really well.

We are going to add web refers and department openers to the book also. I think once all the elements are laid out in order it will look much more cohesive and like a real book.

I need to work on the feature a lot more, but it's coming along the way I want it to look. I plan on designing the quiz a lot more and incorporating small food items.

1 comment:

  1. Your first drafts of Nosh are great! I think you all did a good job making everything cohesive. The brand is well established and is shown throughout the magazine. The departments you designed are well organized and appealing. I love your feature! The shoot turned out good. I really like the photos and how you arranged the elements on the spreads. Good job.