Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Critique: SJI Logos Round 2

This week I've been working on a lot of different design assignments. Tomorrow I have three covers due for the Strange Addictions feature and the second draft of Food Challenges. However, my latest design endeavor has been reworking the SJI logos.

The above logos are the the two are the ones that were chosen for SJI to see. They both have a sense of diversity in the color choices. The first one I chose to use the three primary colors because these three colors can be mixed together to create all the colors in the rainbow. The"I" in this logo also is meant to represent a person. The second logo shows diversity in the people joined together and in the muted color choices. The colors are different tones of red, yellow and blue.

It was definitely a challenge to not design the obvious sporting logo, but to incorporate SJI's mission of bringing diversity into newsrooms.

1 comment:

  1. I love how your second design turned out! Erica's idea about moving the figures into the circle made all the difference, it really makes the design complete and much more cohesive. Great job!