Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Critique: SJI Logos

Designing 20 logos was such a challenge! I knew it was going to be difficult, but I didn't realize how big of an assignment it was until I began. We were told that most of our designs didn't incorporate enough about diversity. We need to wrap sports, journalism and diversity all together to create one logo.

I'm going to work on my top five a lot this weekend to try and get all aspects of SJI represented. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to incorporate diversity yet, but I'll find a way.

Something I found interesting was that some of my designs that I probably spent seconds on were the ones that were most liked. I'm guessing that it was because these were the ones that were easiest to read.  I'll post the final designs this weekend.


  1. I agree this was such a challenge! I didn't incorporate diversity, so I need to work on that as well. Yours turned out good though. I like the hand with the microphone and people that you used. One of my favorites is the black and white one with the hand coming out on the left side. I also like the one on the third row with the letters in the black boxes. Good job!

  2. Good job with coming up with 20 completely different concepts. Also, each logo looks really clean. I'd try working with color more to give some of the designs an extra punch.