Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Response: New York City

Last week I went on the trip to New York with the Magazine Club and I was able to visit in the offices of Real Simple, ESPN, Sports Illustrated,, Men's Health, Women's Health, Redbook and Whole Living. The seniors on the trip also had the opportunity to have dinner with the creative director of People en Espanol. The entire trip was an amazing. I wanted to share some advice that we got at most of these places.

As far as the iPad is concerned everything we have been hearing in school is correct. If you want to get into the publishing business, especially as a designer and a dot com person you will for sure want iPad experience.  Fortunately, the iPad hasn't been out all that long so none of us are much farther behind than those in the industry. Everyone where we went many of the people who worked on the iPad had help from designers, so it's key to know how to think and conceptualize for things on the iPad.

Herman Vega, the creative director of People en Espanol, told us that when we are applying for jobs and showing our portfolio to edit it down to only the best pieces. Which might be obvious, but he said he would rather see a portfolio with 10 great pieces than 20 mediocre pieces. He also said not to over design your portfolio or resume. He said to have it designed, but make it subtle. There's nothing worse than a poorly designed portfolio and resume. Also, some of us might be applying for jobs and might not have the clips that are similar to that particular companies design style. He told us that even though this could be the case, that it doesn't matter as long as the design is good and conceptualized and clean.

At Men's Health the HR director came and talked to us about some tips for applying for jobs in New York. She told us that even if you are out-of-state to say in your cover letter that with 24 or 48 hours notice that you would be available for an interview. She told us to never get the hiring person involved in your travel plans or even let them know you are traveling because they don't care, and the minute they feel like your a problem they stop considering you. She also said to address weird dates on your resume. If you had an internship over winter break and it was only 3 weeks, then say in the cover letter that it was a winter internship, otherwise they might see that as you got fired or your lazy and quit.

These are just some tips, but overall the offices at each place had it's own vibe and many of them were collaborative. Working at any of the places we visited would be a dream.


  1. Hey Christina,

    Thanks for posting some great tips about resumes and applying for jobs. I think I definitely over designed my resume in Mag. Design last year. I want to make it unique and show that I'm a designer, but there's a pretty fine line between creative and distracting or cluttered.

  2. I'm honored to have made it into your blog, Christina. :)