Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Response: Prototypes

When we looked at everyone's prototype it was obvious that many of us were in different stages of the design process. There were many different elements that I liked about everyone's design.

In Shindig I really liked the many different elements that they plan on using. The different types of arrows and colors make the entire magazine fun and come together. I really like how this group is also planning on using different texture elements. This magazine has some flair and a distinct style that works really well.

In Modern Midwest I liked the slab serif fonts for the department titles. It's a very cool font. It seems fresh and fun. The colors also have a young vibe to them that works with the feel of the mag.

Cupboard also has some fun elements with it. Once the template is finalized I think it will come together nicely. I like how the nameplate looks. It makes Cupboard seem younger than the name of the magazine. I'm excited to see the final product.

Plaid Dad has some great stuff and it has some issues with the publishers. I like the diamond plate that the magazine carries throughout the department pages. I would try and get the publishers to make up their mind in regards to what is a feature and department page. I think it is coming along well though and I'm excited for tomorrow's presentations.

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