Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Critique: Nosh web wireframe

This week I've been working on designing the wireframe for Nosh's website. The website has been coming along. We have taken huge steps to get our wireframe up to speed with everyone else. There still needs to be some copy written for the website and ads need to be placed, but overall, it's starting to come together.

We decided it would be best to keep most of our website online only information. Nosh is set to be a quarterly magazine so our website will need to be updated with fresh topics frequently. We want readers to keep coming back to our site throughout the year for new information and ideas for snacks.

We decided it would be best to incorporate elements from the magazine into the website. We wanted to keep everything consistent so it could look as well-branded as possible. Once we've finished creating the wireframes we will move on to working on the iPad.


  1. Christina, these are looking great! I'm really excited to see Nosh in another form.

  2. Those look great. It's nice to see how you've been able to translate the personality of the print magazine into a different medium.