Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Response: iPad

Designing for the iPad has been running fairly smooth so far. Theresa made a template for our group to follow, so it literally takes minutes for us to put our department pages on the iPad. The part that really trips all of us up is where and how pinning works. When we were taught how to do this it seemed so easy, but when we actually started working on our own pages it started to get kind of complex.

I'm working on the webbie team to try and add multimedia content to our existing content, and it has been a challenge trying to figure out how to make each page work in both orientations. Even though it's a struggle trying to make everything work and flow together, I'm happy we are learning Mag+. Without this software we probably would just be doing mock-ups in inDesign still. We wouldn't be able to actually display our work on the iPad like we can with Mag+.

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