Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Response: Photo Journal

Last week I was on spring break in Cancun, Mexico and it was AMAZING! Seriously, every second of it was wonderful. We were gone for 6 days and 7 nights. I had the trip planned since last semester and it was so weird when all five of my friends and I were finally standing in the airport waiting to go through security. Now I'm back and peeling. Awesome. Despite my snake skin, I did manage to take some inspiring photos while on vacation. Here they are:
 Day 1.  My first day in Cancun. We got in around 11 a.m., but couldn't check into our room until 3 p.m. Once we got in our rooms though we hit the beach.
Day 2. There were chairs with shade lined up on the beach for those who didn't want to feel the burn. After the first day when everyone was nice and crisp we would lie out here. I got outside early enough to get this photo before all the chairs filled. 
 Day 4. Three of us had a beachfront walk-out room. It was awesome. These palm trees were right outside our room. This is around 6 p.m. before we went to dinner that night. It was so windy at night that all the tree leaves would stick straight up.
 Day 5: This is the last day we were on the beach before we left the next morning. It's a pretty cliche image, but I really like how the color of the ocean and everything turned out.
 Day 5: I stood on the roof of one of the hotel restaurants to get this picture. There were steps to get to the roof, so it's not like I broke any laws either. 

I like the idea of the assignment, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up and do this everyday for an entire year. I need to post my typography assignment later. I don't have the flashdrive that is on with me right now. So stay tuned!

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  1. Love your use of repeating patterns, groupings, rule of thirds here... Looks great! And let's see: Iowa, Cancun... Hmm. How's Missouri been?