Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You Can't Miss: Ampersands and EmDash

Today on designing magazines I found a post that showcases the magazine EmDash, a design publication that is created by George Mason University students. Inside, there is an article about not judging a book by its cover. It's interesting because it says in elementary school that many of us told not to do this. We are told to read the back cover of a book and a few pages of the inside to decide whether we want to read it or not. However, book design is such a huge part of the book itself. We should judge books by their covers because a beautifully designed book cover means that the publisher and author spent a lot of time and money perfecting the visual that is going to represent their book on the shelves.

In EmDash, the book that they use for an example are the Twilight book covers. The covers all have a black background with a blood red colored object. This color represents the main theme of the book. I'm not sure if there is evidence to support that these book covers helped with the success of Twilight, but the covers are striking visuals that any Twi-heart will recognize.

I also stumbled upon a page about the beautiful curves of the ampersands. I'm not sure how often people use ampersands in their designs, but I always think it's a fun design element that can be incorporated.  I mostly see them used in wedding invitations played up pretty big. Anyway, this is a good site to go to to download some free fonts that you might not already have also.

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  1. I love ampersands. They are my favorite (it even says so on my blog) & I try to use them whenever I can get away with it (which is rarely).

    ... Also your wireframe looks gorgeous! You should be proud. It is truly wonderful.