Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Critique: DIY covers

These covers will be one of the last things that I do for Vox before I graduate. There are four short stories for this feature that make up the entire package. They each talk about things that we will all have to be aware of when it comes to adulthood. The editor of the story suggested designing the story like a first aid kit, and it would be like saying, "Here are all the things you need in your life to survive; now go be an adult." I decided to take that concept and make it a little different. The story has been slugged as a D.I.Y. story for awhile now so I decided to stick with the D.I.Y. theme and put the items from the story into a toolbox.

The second cover is more like an infographic. It shows a young professional and has tips coming off of him to describe what has to change to look like an adult.

The third cover is more of a play off a child acting as an adult. It shows a boy dressed in a suit. It takes a different spin on the story.

I'll be presenting these covers in lab on Thursday. See you then!

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