Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Response: Wrapping up the semester

The semester is actually coming to a close. On Friday we will be heading to Meredith to present our work. It's crazy to see everything come together. The website, the print edition and the iPad have all finally come to a close. I don't have to work on Nosh anymore and it's weird. I still have some Vox things to wrap-up, but overall I'm finished.

This semester I've learned so much. I cannot believe how much a person can accomplish and do in 15 weeks.  I came into the class in January with barely any clips and limited knowledge of design and the software. Now I'm leaving the semester with so much experience. I have more relevant lines on my resume, clips and tons of knowledge about the magazine design industry. Plus I made some pretty sweet friends almost every late-night in the design lab.

I'm sad everything is coming to a close. Hopefully my life will bring a job that I'm passionate about. I'll keep you updated :)

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